OCTOBER 28, 2014
Chubb Offers Customers Discounts on Collections Management Systems

“Sophisticated art collectors know that managing their collections is an important part of protecting them. To aid in this process, the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies is offering state-of-the-art collections management services at a discounted rate.”

AUGUST 29, 2014
A New Generation Of Protection Devices Revolutionizes Collection Care

“They say that knowledge is power. If that is true, then one tool for building a powerful collection is to organize your collection with a robust art management system.”

MARCH 21, 2014
The Silicon Valley Contemporary 2014 Mobile App by Collectrium

“Comprehensive Mobile Platform Connects Collectors and Exhibitors for the Art Fair at the Very Center of Arts and Technology.”

AUG 12, 2013
Baltimore Summer Antiques Announces Creation of Mobile App From Collectrium

“Comprehensive Mobile Platform Connects Collectors and Exhibitors for One of America’s Most Distinguished Antiques Shows.”

JULY 9, 2013
Collectrium the art inventory management the easy way

“What we always wanted: [...] the company Collectrium LLC offers what we humbly consider the first ‘real’ cloud solution to help us manage art inventory.”

MAY 23, 2013
Collectrium Announces Partnership with the Solo Project

“Collectrium and the Solo Project will release the Solo Project app for iPhone and iPad for the fair’s sixth edition from June 12 to June16 at the St. Jakobshalle in Basel, Switzerland.”

MARCH 14, 2013
Collectrium Names Brian McConville President, Raises $2.6 Million

“Appointment to solidify Collectrium’s position as the leading cloud-based and mobile platform for the Art World.”

DECEMBER 5, 2012
Help is at hand to keep track of possessions

“Can't be bothered to pack for that overseas gala? Or forget what you've done with that Picasso? Services and apps come to the rescue”

JUNE 12, 2012
Taking the Art World into the Cloud

“Collectrium enables galleries, art fairs, dealers and collectors to move to cloud-based computing.”

MARCH 9, 2012
The Art of the Tablet

“Digital tools can also help collectors organize large inventories they may have stored in locations around the world. Curator Laura J. Mueller tracks more than 700 Japanese works scattered across two homes and a warehouse for a private New York collector by organizing digital images of the pieces using an iPhone and iPad app, Collectrium.”

June 11, 2012
Collectrium Powers SCOPE Basel 2012 “Virtual Viewing Room” Allowing Art Collectors to Browse and Reserve Artworks on iPhone and iPad

“In recent years, Collectrium has become the #1 iPhone app powering the world’s top art fairs and the #1 iPad mobile inventory app for galleries. At SCOPE Basel 2012 (June 12-17, 2012), Collectrium will introduce its new game-changing services, “Virtual Viewing Room” and “Artwork Reserve”, allowing collectors to reserve artworks they are interested in purchasing.”

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
The Art World Is Going Mobile – Collectrium Announces Custom iPad Apps for Galleries

“With 400 million Internet users connecting to the Web through mobile devices rather than computers by 2014, the world is going mobile. Art galleries and dealers can now stay on top of this trend with their own Custom iPad Apps, powered by an award-winning mobile suite of gallery management tools from Collectrium.”

SEPTEMBER 14, 2011
Innovation: Collectrium is a New App We Can Get Behind

“Social media has an ability to bring millions together over anything from a study abroad trip in Africa to seeing architecture in puddles. More recently, it can unite art lovers everywhere with a new highbrow and fashionable app called Collectrium.”

MAY 17, 2011
A New Mobile App Aims For The Tech Savvy Art Collector - Collectrium Powers the San Francisco Fine Art Fair

“With 400 million Internet users connecting to the Web through mobile devices rather than computers by 2014, the world is going mobile. Art galleries and dealers can now stay on top of this trend with their own Custom iPad Apps, powered by an award-winning mobile suite of gallery management tools from Collectrium.”

APRIL 26, 2011
Collectrium – Technology For The Art World

“Disruption in the art world? Yes, much.”

APRIL 15, 2011
BusinessWeek America's Most Promising Startups

“While the Internet has changed the way people buy and sell many things, most of the art market still operates as it has for decades, with collectors and galleries scouting art fairs and buying art after they see it in person. Boris Pevzner aims to change that.”

MARCH 21, 2011
A New Mobile Technology Aims for the Latin American Art Collector -- Collectrium Launches iPad App at Latin American Fairs

“Collectrium is streamlining the fair experience for visitors by offering one central place to browse through the full catalogue of works at the fair, identify, and store favorite works of art, and finally contact a gallerist.”

MARCH 2, 2011
New App, Which Recognizes Art, Set to Transform the Art Fair Experience

“No more scribbled notes on postcards and flyers... Collectrium allows the art fair visitor to take the fair home digitally.”

FEBRUARY 25, 2011
Collectrium App Takes Armory Week

“Technophilic art lovers and collectors might want to download a recently launched image-recognition app before next week's art fairs in New York.”

FEBRUARY 28, 2011
Technology + Art = iPhone apps

“We already saw the infiltration of technology into experiencing art with the creation of Google’s Art Project. Now, iPhone users can experience New York art fairs digitally.”

JANUARY 12, 2011
The App That Knows Art Goes Coast to Coast in January

“Collectrium places a powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-use tool in the hands of the collectors to create a ‘Wish List’ collection from every fair that they visit.”

DECEMBER 1, 2010
Come Collect - Knowing Everything About Art

“We hear this is how Sotheby’s decides what to buy.”

NOVEMBER 30, 2010
Smartphone apps for Art Basel Miami Beach

“The sheer amount of art on display this week in Miami can be overwhelming — unless you're armed with a smartphone.”

NOVEMBER 29, 2010
The App That Knows Art: Collectrium Brings Mobile Technology to Miami Art Fairs

“Collectrium brings an innovative way for art collectors to interact with the fair, which will greatly enhance the art fair experience for both collectors and gallerists.”

JULY 8, 2010
New iPhone App: Shazam for Art

“This is an incredible tool for collectors and other fairgoers who previously had to take shots of the artwork, then the label, then the gallery signage, then at the end of the day, match all the bits and bobs to make sense of it all with scribbled notes and stacks of business cards.”